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Interesting, engaging, Insurance Content?

Really? Insurance? How exciting can you make it?

That depends on the writer.

The Science of INsurance Copywriting

I'm not going to waste time blowing smoke up your rear about how great I am.

I will, however, taking a minute of your time to explain some basics about the wonderful science of insurance copywriting.

, how about I just start with 

In this case, a wasted opportunity to introduce yourself to people who might want to work with you.

So allow me take a minute of your time and introduce myself.

I'm Lance Gurganus and I like long walks on the beach and writing. Unfortunately, there's a severe shortage of beaches here in Pittsburgh. So I write, a lot.

Two Decades of Insurance EXPERIENCE

The bulk of my business career has centered around the insurance industry. Two decades of insurance is most likely enough for many people. But I love this industry.

I have worked with everything from risk management to workers comp to life insurance and everything in between. The part I really enjoyed was the people. I've helped thousands of people enroll in every type of employee benefit and insurance plan - from health insurance, to disability plans, and dental plans to life insurance.

I've definitely been around the block a few times.

Insurance Broker

By far the best part of my insurance career was the 14 years I spent as an insurance broker. I was a multi-million dollar producer specializing in employee benefits for small to mid sized companies.

Running my own small business required me to handle everything from account management, hiring, training, and, of course, sales / enrollments. I spent a bunch of years travelling across the country conducting benefits meetings at some of the most amazing businesses and non-profit organizations.

Eventually I got married and had three incredible kids. And I wanted to spend more time with them. So I sold my insurance business.

Insurance Copywriting and Content

So what does that have to do with insurance content writing? Actually, everything.

One of the ways I was able to build my insurance business so fast, was through a network of websites and blogs that I created to generate business leads. There was a point where I owned over 300 internet domains and websites for this purpose.

That's a lot of pages of insurance content to create. So naturally I outsourced the work. I had a business to run and couldn't create all that content by myself.

But that's when the problems started happening. No matter what I did I couldn't find good insurance content writers that knew what they were doing.

Don't get me wrong, there were many content writers that claimed they were experts. But when I would get their drafts, it was clear they had never worked in the insurance industry.

So over the course of a few years, sleepless nights, and hundreds of hours I learned everything I could about optimizing content for search engines, local SEO, content marketing, copywriting structure, call to actions, natural language processing (NLP), etc.

Filling a Need with a Niche Business

I become a copywriter so I could create my own insurance content. Thousands of pages of insurance copywriting and content. And without sounding completely arrogant, I became a fairly solid writer in the process.

After I sold my insurance business, I decided to start Copybrander so I could stay involved in the insurance industry. But more important was my interest in filling a need for experienced, high quality insurance copywriting and content.

As niche's go, it's difficult to get much more specific than what I do. But that is precisely where many copywriters make their biggest mistake. They're afraid to specialize for fear of missing out on potential business. In the process they don't master any specialty and it hurts their business in the long run.

Like I mentioned above, an about us page is designed to give you insight into the person or people that you are considering working with. Hopefully this has provided you with more background on me and why I do what I do.

Questions? I've got answers. Please fill out the form below, email me, or call.

And I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

- Lance Gurganus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - April 2022

Lance Gurganus

Lance Gurganus

Copywriter | Insurance Copywriting & Content | Digital Publisher | Owner, Copybrander, LLC.

I'm a former 20+ year insurance industry veteran and multi-million dollar producer. I started Copybrander to fill a huge need for high-quality insurance content written by someone who knows the industry.

I live in Pittsburgh with my wife, kids, and our 87 lbs (still growing) puppy that likes to chew everything I own.