Storytelling with Branded Content

Copybrander Digital creates persuasive content and copy for businesses in complex industries.

What is a Complex Industry?

Usually a complex industry consists of business that deal with licensing and compliance requirements in order to work within that industry. These requirements are generally established by State and Federal Governments.

Examples of complex businesses can be found within industries like insurance, healthcare, finance, and law.

Sales and marketing in regulated industries is much different than other business environments. This is why content and copy creators with my level of experience and skills are in such demand.

Storytelling with Branded Content

I specialize in creative storytelling with branded content for these types complex businesses.

Why pick such a specific niche? Well, mainly because it's what I know.

My 25+ year career has focused on sales and marketing in regulatory environments. A big chunk of that experience was developed over 18-years as a multi-million dollar insurance producer and benefits broker.

I helped thousands of policyholders and businesses with their insurance and benefits needs for nearly two decades. During these years I developed many unique skills focused on creating sales and marketing content with regulatory compliance requirements.

After selling my insurance business five-years ago, it was a natural fit moving into content and copy for insurance, healthcare and other complex businesses.

"In order to write about life, first you must live it."

- Ernest Hemingway

I firmly believe in the theory that a writer needs first hand, real life experience in order to effectively write about it.

Content is a business asset. You invest valuable resources to create highly effective marketing.

Real-world Experience is Important

This is why real-world experience is important. I've been in your shoes. I understand how hard it is to find great content and copywriting that maintains compliance while still understanding the complex buying process for these industries.

For well over a decade I hired a never ending stream of 'experienced' content creators and copywriters. They meant well, but it was rare to find any copywriters that were truly experienced with insurance content.

So I did what most business owners do. I did it myself.

I spent a lot of years learning content creation and copywriting. Eventually I became an expert in this specific niche.

Now I offer copywriting, digital content creation and marketing communications to businesses of all sizes.


When it's part of an effective marketing strategy, storytelling is the most powerful marketing tool available to your business.

This is where I can help. I create interesting branded content that reads like a great story with subtle optimization for search engine ranking.

  • My copywriting is designed to be searchable web content.
  • A significant percentage of my writing projects involve keyword optimization for specific SEO requirements.
  • All of my branded content and copy is designed to easily implement primary and secondary keywords, with or without specified densities or tiered keywords.

I call it strategic storytelling. My clients call it higher conversions, more traffic, and improved brand recognition.

Supporting Complex Industries

As I mentioned above, my primary focus is supporting complex industries with heavy research and compliance requirements like Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, and Law. I also work with many small businesses in niche markets.

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