Actionable, Engaging, Compliance Friendly Content

Lance Gurganus | Copywriting & Content | 20+ years creating content for industries with regulatory compliance requirements: Insurance, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Actionable, Engaging, Compliance Friendly Content

The single most powerful marketing tool available today is branded, engaging content.

Your customers don’t want a sales pitch, they want helpful advice and information.

But what happens to your content when your business is tied to regulatory compliance?

Welcome to the world of content for insurance agents, financial advisers, brokers, wealth management, CPA’s and many other licensed insurance and financial professionals.

Fortunately, one Copywriter and Content creator has over 20+ years experience working with regulatory compliance requirements for marketing under FINRA, HIPAA, and PPACA (ACA) regulations.

Expertly written, optimized content that establishes you as the authority. All without your customer feeling like they’ve been sold anything.

That’s what I do. I’m Lance Gurganus. I create insanely great content that still makes compliance happy.

And after the content is done, I promote it through compliance approved methods on social media (if the client requests).

After 22-years in this business, I know a thing or two about creating powerful content that makes an impact with your customers.

Your customers are lost in a sea of noise. Be the lighthouse they use to find their way.

I often refer to the modern sales techniques used today as ‘Distraction Marketing.’ Many businesses find it difficult to compete with the ridiculous level of noise that people deal with on a daily basis. Mobile notifications interrupt constantly over a steady roar of online ads, clickbait, auto-play videos and an endless stream of marketing desperation.

Be the beacon of truth, shining like a lighthouse in the dark. It makes all the difference for your customers.

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I blog about distraction marketing, sales psychology, the business of life and the industries where I do a lot of copywriting and content creation.

Federal Law Prohibits Insuring Marijuana Farms Burning in California Wildfires

This is a sad example of what happens when State Law runs smack into the brick wall of Federal bureaucracy. California law says they’re legal, but existing Federal law prohibits insuring marijuana farms burning in California wildfires throughout the state. It’s a particularly challenging situation for the nearly 15,000 marijuana farms in California. Their crop, marijuana, is listed as a Schedule I controlled substance by the DEA (US Drug Enforcement Agency). So, technically, it doesn’t matter that states like California have legalized it because the Federal Government won’t recognize the state law. So anything that is regulated by the Feds, from insurance to banking to mail, becomes a problem for these businesses.

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