Insanely Great Content Writing

by | Sep 1, 2017

It’s the basis of all marketing. Branded copy that tells your story. Everybody needs it, but not all copy is the same. Especially when it involves three of the more complicated categories of writing; insurance, finance and political content.

Persuasive, Engaging, Insanely Great Content Writing

In this business, experience counts. Persuasive, engaging, insanely great content writing requires a very specific skill set that I have worked hard to develop over the past two decades.

Insurance, Finance and Political Content Writing

Insurance, finance and political content writing may seem to be from different ends of the content spectrum, but they are actually very similar. And all three usually incorporate aspects from at least one of the other two. For example, political discussions usually involve finance. And political discussions about insurance are always about the financial impact of changes to insurance laws.

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Lance Gurganus | Insurance, Finance and Political Content Writer | Content Strategist

I build brands, increase revenue, generate buzz and always promote my client and their message. When I initially discuss a new project, my first question is always about the end goal. Once I understand exactly what the client hopes to accomplish with the project, I am able to frame the creative process around that goal.

I write branded copy that is designed to be utilized in web content that is searchable. A significant percentage of my writing projects involve keyword optimization for specific SEO requirements of my clients.

Optimized Content for SEO

I have experience and certifications in many different types of optimized content for SEO purposes. Primary and secondary keywords with or without specified densities or tiered keywords are not an issue. I also routinely recommend trending keywords to clients that I develop while researching writing projects.

Fast Turnaround on Writing Projects

I have multiple clients with news or political websites that need fast turnaround on writing projects with specific trending keyword requirements. Depending on the research requirements, I can usually turnaround a last minute project within 24 to 48 hours. Most non-urgent or prior scheduled writing projects are completed within 4 to 6 days at most.

One exception is eBooks since most are larger projects and do take slightly longer to complete. My goal is always one week turnaround with most projects.

If you click on this button, it will take you to a web form that asks you specific questions related to your proposed project. If you can fill out as much as possible and submit it, I will review it and email you a quote for the project.

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You can also just email me at and we can discuss the project via email or phone. If you are on Facebook, you can also visit the Copybrander Facebook page and contact us through Facebook Messenger if is easier for you. We try to make communicating with us as easy as possible.

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