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At Copybrander, Lance Gurganus creates unique, engaging content at affordable hourly or flat rates to stay within your budget.

Content Writing Services


Blog Posts

White Papers

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Sales and Marketing Materials

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Agent and Agency Content Strategy

Lead Generation Content Design and Campaign Development

Research and Sources

All data, quotes, statistics or related information is verified with links to the source included in documents provided to clients. Occasionally, it may be necessary to obtain data or quotes that are necessary for assignment completion through a personal interview. If so, I always confirm that my client is made aware of the interviewee’s background before contact is initiated. I also always check for any conflicts that may exist between an interviewee and my client prior to initiating contact.

Grammar and Spelling Errors

All content is checked for grammar and spelling errors using Grammarly Premium.


Content is also verified for anti-plagiarism using Copyscape Premium.

Final Proofreading

Final proofreading is reviewed and checked by a team of three professionals for writing, grammar, and common insurance compliance issues.

Rates and Pricing of Services

Everybody has heard the saying; you get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the content industry has been deluged with so called “writers” from across the globe that claims to be professional but charges ridiculously low rates. This is not me. I develop long term relationships with my clients by creating high-end, expert level content. I price my services accordingly. I am definitely not the most expensive writer in our industry, nor the least. That said, my clients know that I am flexible with my rates and I always stay within agreed upon budgets.

If you are wondering about cost or affordability, just ask. Send me an assignment outline or even a simple list of project bullet points or ideas. If you have a budget, let me know. If it’s feasible, I will send you back a proposal with my ideas, and we can start doing great things together.

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