Branded Content Tells Your Story


Lance Gurganus | Insurance and Employee Benefits Content Creator at Copybrander Digital.

Whether promoting your business or developing your brand, experience and content matters. Your customers refuse to be sold anything. What do they want? To get to know you and build a relationship. They want to hear about you and branded content tells your story.

Lance Gurganus is head storyteller at Copybrander Digital. Lance utilizes his 25+ years in insurance, risk management, sales and marketing to develop custom persuasive insurance content for our clients.

We create unique, compelling content for the insurance, benefits, financial services and small business markets. All of our content and direct-response advertising is written for SEO best practices.

Content is king and experience matters. We’ve been writing and managing our own content marketing, social media,¬†and lead development programs on over 300 websites and blogs for 17 years. So we know a thing or two about content. It’s not theory to us, we live and work in this industry.

We’re a small business, like most of our clients. Our size makes us accessible, fast and affordable.

If you have an upcoming project in mind, we would appreciate the opportunity to work with you and win your business. Visit us at or email Lance Gurganus at