A Broken $50 Billion Content Advertising Business Model

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Content Marketing, Insurance Content Writing

Lately it seems like everybody keeps talking about the enormous potential numbers in the content marketing and online advertising world. I even read recently how our market is potentially worth $50 Billion by 2021. While it’s nice thinking about the huge potential numbers, it’s unfortunately built on the back of a broken $50 Billion content advertising business model.

Keep in mind that it was just a few years ago, that content marketing was still a relatively open market. Content writers could still be successful if you were relatively talented, could write good copy and understood the basics of both SEO (search engine optimization) and SMM (social media marketing).

Basically, we wrote good copy and it was read by a lot of people. After all, that is the reason we do this.

Cheap New Content

Poor quality content is destroying what once was a thriving world of great websites and social media. Click bait sites are desperate for eyeballs and will do anything to get new cheap content to fill their pipeline. So, they pay a few bucks for a few hundred words that nobody reads.

Small to medium sized businesses with little online experience are juicy prey for sleazy marketers that throw out stats with no basis in reality. The marketing programs don’t work because their potential customers don’t like reading the boiler template, error filled, crap content on their websites and social media platforms. When the business complains, the marketer moves on to the next victim. It’s like an online Serengeti.

When Everybody Thinks They’re Special

Today, anybody with a computer and barely a high school education thinks they’re a content marketer. When everybody thinks they’re special, nobody is. In a normal world people pay their dues, learn their craft and build a business based on good quality work. The internet has skewed this so now people believe they can be successful at anything just because. It doesn’t work that way in the real world. Never mind that you barely managed a C in High School English. Or that you should have spent money on a course in basic grammar instead of a get rich quick program. Try writing complete sentences. It helps.

Here at Copybrander Media, I own over 300 domains and hundreds of my own websites. I’ve been writing content and developing websites since the mid-90’s. It’s how my team and I know what works and what doesn’t. Writing good content may be important, but it’s woefully inadequate as the entire basis of your marketing efforts.

And no get-rich-quick course is going to teach you how to properly build a content marketing business. It takes time. Pay your dues. Learn to write. Take the time to understand SEO and SMM. It’s the same in any business.

All About Quality versus Quantity

More content isn’t the answer. Like any business, it’s all about quality versus quantity. There’s a glaring difference. Are you paying somebody $5 for a few hundred words of content just to show activity on your website or social media? Then you’re paying too much. Want to know what creates a broken $50 Billion content advertising business model? This is it, right here. Nobody is reading your cheap, crappy content. And if your stats show viewers, then I guarantee that your engagement and follow through sucks. You can argue with me until you turn blue about your thousands of twitter followers and website traffic, but what matters is engagement. If you’ve got forty-thousand twitter followers and two people like your latest post, there’s a problem.

When you can buy ten thousand twitter followers for the cost of a pizza, sadly the pizza becomes more valuable.

The Right Numbers That Matter

Numbers don’t matter without engagement. It’s that simple. Content marketing may be a game of numbers, but it’s the right numbers that matter.

The world has a finite number of people. That equates to a maximum level of possible engagement by these people. It’s basic supply and demand. Eventually the demand for content reaches a maximum tipping point where it no longer gets consumed.

Local Content is a Big Deal

This is the reason local content is a big deal. If your law firm or plumbing business is advertising to the entire world, then you are competing with the world. If you chunk it down into local, focused marketing in your home town then your competition for eyeballs is that much smaller. Here in my hometown of Pittsburgh, it’s easy to see who is rocking their local market. Check out their online footprint. Look at the website. Is their social media updated often? Do they have engagement by local potential customers? That’s how you win at this game.

A Broken $50 Billion Content Advertising Business Model

It’s time to update your content marketing priorities to focus on the numbers that matter. Stop buying the cheap content just to get activity. Move to quality over quantity. This is how we fix a broken $50 Billion content advertising business model. Google’s latest Fred Update seems to be helping with this by penalizing sites with low quality content focused primarily on advertising revenue.

It’s a start, but there’s still much work to be done.

The age old axiom of “you get what you paid for” holds true in any business or industry. And your potential customers are much more sophisticated than you think. They can tell the difference between quality content and the cannon fodder that many businesses are buying and posting today.

The right content makes all the difference. Most of these businesses just don’t know where to find the right content. It’s up to us to fix that.